Pre and probiotics; nutritional, veterinary and production perspectives

Session Headings and Speakers as at 6th November 2019

Session 1. Background (to Antibiotics, Antibiotic Growth Promoters and Anti-microbial resistance)
Session 2. What are the challenges of working without AGPs?
Session 3. Definition and modes of action of pre and pro biotics
Session 4. How should we evaluate these additives?
Session 5. What are the modes of action in poultry?
Session 6. How do pre and probiotics interact with other dietary components
Session 7. Next steps and new technologies
Session 8. Chaired panel session/summary

Confirmed speakers –

Professor Roberto La Ragioni, University of Surrey
Chris Teale, APHA
Andrew Ballantyne, Hook 2 Sisters
Dr Linda Thomas, ex Yakult
Professor Andrew Van Kessel, University of Saskatchewan
Dr Mike Bedford, AB Vista
Dr Natalie Morgan, University of New England
Dr Ivan Rychlik, Veterinary Research Institute
Professor Paul Wigley, University of Liverpool
Dr Stuart Wilkinson, Feedworks Australia
Patrick Garland, Premier Nutrition
Dr Jelena Vulevic, Vemico
Professor Konstantinos Mountzouris, Agricultural University of Athens

Conference session will be in the Riley Auditorium